josh woodward

Josh Woodward – Sunny Side of the Street

Josh Woodward is no stranger here in the Frostclick blog. Some of his records have been featured and reviewed right here; these include: The Simple Life, Only Whispering, Bread Crumbs, and Dirty Wings. Like most of Woodward's music, the albums are mainly pop songs with a touch of quirkiness embedded on the lyrics. He always manages to create an enjoyable record that anybody will enjoy on their quiet time. Sunny Side of the Street is no exception, it features beautiful, upbeat tracks with funny lyrics. It's also licensed under Creative Commons and available as a free download. It's not tough to fall in love with Woodward's music. Just pick and listen to any song from this record and you'll find out what I'm talking about.

netBloc Volume 31: Goodbye, Hello

BlocSonic once again releases their infamous collection of lovely, free tracks that music lovers everywhere can enjoy. The label unleashes several compilations throughout the year. This includes, maxBlocs, which consist of promotional maxi singles; Originals; Extended Editions, Extras and netBlocs, like this one. This is the 31st netBloc from them so far. For compilations like these, they gather up about 10 or more indie artists from all over the world; offering a peek at the music they play in the album. It's definitely an awesome way of discovering potential new playlist staples. The record is available for free download under three formats, simply choose which one you most prefer and enjoy!

Dirty Wings by Josh Woodward – Pop Rock with Quirky Lyrics

The one-man alterno-acoustic livewire act from Ohio strikes again. One of the most consistent creative commons artists out there, Josh Woodward is definitely one artist to watch out for every time he releases something new. Dirty Wings is actually an older album from his entire collection, but like most of his work, its filled with catchy, pop, acoustic indie tracks that are nice to sing along to.

Josh Woodward: Breadcrumbs

Josh is definitely one of our favorite Creative Commons artists. We've written about his music twice already featuring Only Whispering and The Simple Life. Now Josh brings us his latest album, Breadcrumbs. Filled with 11 diverse songs ranging from fast to slow, mellow to upbeat, there's really something for everybody. Pair that up with his witty lyrics, relaxing vocals and catchy melodies, Breadcrumbs would be easy to be stuck in your head - and you media player.

Josh Woodward: Only Whispering

This is an oldie-but-goody release from Josh Woodward. Praised for his melodic voice & witty lyrics Josh definitely delivers on this one. "Only Whispering" is probably the most acoustic of all seven of his albums and as he himself admits, the one most focused on storytelling. My favorite songs include "I'll Be Right Behind You, Josephine" for sweet lyrics & "East Side Bar" for its swing-like happy feeling. If you need a nice relaxing album to listen to on a quiet day - here is a perfect one for you.