BlocSonic once again releases their infamous collection of lovely, free tracks that music lovers everywhere can enjoy. The label unleashes several compilations throughout the year. This includes, maxBlocs, which consist of promotional maxi singles; Originals; Extended Editions, Extras and netBlocs, like this one.

This is the 31st netBloc from them so far. For compilations like these, they gather up about 10 or more indie artists from all over the world; offering a peek at the music they play in the album.

It’s definitely an awesome way of discovering potential new playlist staples. The record is available for free download under three formats, simply choose which one you most prefer and enjoy!

The album often compiles tracks from different, and very diverse genres. Some cuts included in this particular compilation comes from hiphop, metal, pop, indie and even trip-hop. It’s not just the genre that’s diverse, but also the location. Each of these tracks feature artists from places all across the globe like Switzerland, Germany, Italy, France and the US.

Opening with NanowaR by NanowaR of Steel; the album starts off with rolling drums, insane licks, chanty choruses, ballsy rock and roll as well as some high-kicks from this gay parody metal band. The group hails from Rome, Italy and has just released their album, Into Gay Pride Ride, last September 2010.

From the Hip Hop department, there are several representatives, you have underground NJ rap group Dead Poets; electro-hip hopper The Insider, and the trip-hop french outfit, Mik le Désaxé & YuAir.

Meanwhile on the indie, acoustic pop department; indie favorites like Josh Woodward, Entertainment for the Braindead and Pinkle (all three of which have been featured in Frostclick) have chipped in their cuts to add to the diversity of the compilation. Other artists inlclude, Coolzey, Big Blood, Silence is Full of Birds, mGee and Architect 25.

A worthwhile compilation, this one definitely covers much of what you need to start off your year right. Give it a go, it’s licensed under creative commons and available for free download.

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