Josh Woodward is no stranger here in the Frostclick blog. Some of his records have been featured and reviewed right here; these include: The Simple Life, Only Whispering, Bread Crumbs, and Dirty Wings. Like most of Woodward’s music, the albums are mainly pop songs with a touch of quirkiness embedded on the lyrics. He always manages to create an enjoyable record that anybody will enjoy on their quiet time.

Sunny Side of the Street is no exception, it features beautiful, upbeat tracks with funny lyrics.

Putting listeners in a good mood at the onset, Sunny Side of the Street opens up with pop song, Talk About Your Feelings. It’s telling a story of a guy getting tired of having to listen to his partner inquire about his feelings. The song is quite quirky and honestly, really funny. The refrain is especially hilarious. He quips, “you say to talk about my feelings but I’m feeling I just want to shut up and sleep.”

Another great track, although a bit morbid if you really think about it, is Chainsaw. The song gives a nod to Simon&Garfunkel’s The Boxer in its “Lalalei” refrain. The song is very slightly upbeat but when you listen to lyrics, it’s hard not to be impressed with the funny things that Woodward comes up with. I Hate You is another track that’s geared towards lefties, literally. It’s hard not to smile or laugh while listening to this particular song.

If you are not a fan of Woodward just yet, then you might want to start listening to his tracks. For sure, you’ll find a song or entire album that you’ll certainly enjoy. Like his other records, this one resonates with a charm that is hard to resist. Give it a listen and see if this is your cup of tea.

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