Madi Diaz: Far From The Things That We Know

This week, discover something new and listen to the captivating sound of Madi Diaz, a folk rock singer/songwriter that charms her way into our ears with her songs’ lyrical earnestness and spacey folk tunes that’s enough to distract us from the daily grind.

Declan de Barra – Fragments, Footprints and the Forgotten

Have you ever wondered what you might get if you crossed Johnny Cash with Nick Cave? I bet the result would sound quite a bit like Declan de Barra. Not only does he tell his song narratives similar to Nick and Johnny, but he can sound similar to each one at different times on this brooding album that goes by the name Fragments, Footprint, and the Forgotten. Born and raised in Ireland, Declan has recently moved to Los Angeles. He record his first three albums in Ireland and it will be interesting to see how his move here affects his music.