This week, discover something new and listen to the captivating sound of Madi Diaz, a folk rock singer/songwriter that charms her way into our ears with her songs’ lyrical earnestness and spacey folk tunes that’s enough to distract us from the daily grind.


First stop is Let’s Go, which is a quirky piece that will surely inject some lovin’ into your day. Listen as catchy opening vocals transcend into an eccentric yet beautiful arrangement that pauses and reverberates to create a one-of-a-kind musical experience.

In Johnny, Madi takes us to dusty libraries and images of old records with a heavy dose of folk rock tunes that sways waywardly throughout this charming piece. While Heavy Heart closes the three-piece collection with soft cooing folk strings that give light to Madi’s lush vocals. Close your eyes and let this saccharine piece brighten up your day.


Though it only features three tracks, Far From Things That We Know does not fall short with high quality pieces. Every song in this collection presents a facet of Madi Diaz as a musician. So download, press play, and let this LA-based songstress capture your heart and soul.

Track List:
1. Let’s Go
2. Johnny
3. Heavy Heart

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