The LA-based “one-man band” State Shirt’s newest album, This is Old, is one of the best indietronic rock album’s I’ve heard in a long time. Coming across this album by accident while looking for bands like Brad Sucks, it has quickly become one of my favorites this year with heavy rotation on my iPod. Ethan Tufts (vocals, drums, guitar, overall cool guy), demonstrates the power of well done loops to showcase his mellow rock tunes that sound far from anything recycled.

Track #4 “Computer” is one of the best songs I’ve heard in a long time. An instant classic in my opinion. It’s layered, well composed, fluid and, most importantly, interesting. The vocals blend perfectly with the music in such an amazing way that they are one; the vocals aren’t an addition to the instruments playing, rather another layer of them. The rest of the album is no different, maintaining a solid consistency throughout.

If you like his stuff and can afford some merchandise, head over to his store and buy as much as you like/can. It’s the only way that we can guarantee more music from him, and can also serve as an incentive for others to distribute their art for free.

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