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To Hell with Johnny

In To Hell with Johnny, you find yourself having the worst of luck. Nothing goes right. First, you suffer a broken car. Second, a storm comes in an bombards you. To top it off, your girlfriend gets kidnapped by demons. So now you have to go ahead and rescue here; going through hell and encountering countless vile creatures. This is where your journey begins, as you attempt to rescue your girlfriend while fending off monsters that you encounter. The game is offered as a free download in both IndiePub and Michi . The former contains updated graphics and new creatures. The game can also be purchased if you want to go ahead and help out the developer.


With Boxycraft, you get a chance to use this little character and maneuver him around. Make him run around, jump and overcome the many different obstacles that come his way. This game has over 10 single player levels and up to 2 players can enjoy and have fun. If you like physics based games and love a great puzzle or two, then this game will fit right on your list.

Choke on My Groundhog, You Bastard Robots

Looking at Choke on My Groundhog, You Bastard Robots (COMGYBR for short), it's hard not to see that it's a relatively simple yet entertaining game. Inspired by Robotron, you are tasked to fend yourself and world from robots that have taken over the world. There are no mush storylines involved in the game. The main point is for you to fight off the approaching robots from all four corners of the page and simply to survive. It's definitely a fun and straightforward game perfect for letting some steam out.