Kasket Club

Light up that weary spirit and get lost in exquisite electro chillwave. Norway-based Kasket Club‘s self-titled first EP encapsulates cityscapes and club music without shrouding the ears with loud beats, but rather flourishing it with amazing beats that caresses and hooks you for hours.

Livy Conner: Mind of Your Own

Mind of Your Own by Livy Conner includes a powerhouse of great talents—Brad Edwardson, Kevin Hackler, Endre Tomaschek, Lonnie Root, Charlie Thompson, Lindsay Holler, Danielle Hershon, Bob Culver, and Billy Lempesis.

Montes Rook: Patience

Mixing folk music with some enchanting vocals, Montes Rook is a cool little trio from Montgomery, NY. The band is made up of Drew Guido , Jean-Marie Dean, and Noah Meyer; the members aren't exactly new in the band scene. They've spent some time in various other bands before coming together to record this sweet compilation. Drew and Noah have been friends since they were young and have dabbled with different musical genres before settling with this indie acoustic piece. Afterwards, they finally drew the courage to ask Jean-Marie to sing for them. The result was this pleasing trio and their sound.