Mind of Your Own by Livy Conner includes a powerhouse of great talents—Brad Edwardson, Kevin Hackler, Endre Tomaschek, Lonnie Root, Charlie Thompson, Lindsay Holler, Danielle Hershon, Bob Culver, and Billy Lempesis.

The singer’s restless grace makes each piece sound three-dimensional, as songs pass each other in a storm of string activity. The EP is simply a delightful, balanced gem of an album from masterful artists.

Dave Said is delivered with warmth and talent that surpasses the typical folk blues song.

Title track Mind of Your Own is as charming as the previous song. Each word is delivered with great passion and devotion that it deserves to be played repeatedly. This song showcases the authentic talent of the singer.

Come Home radiates a powerful aura that transcends and delves deep to the listener’s heart. The sound exhibited by the violin together with the enchanting voice of the singer is impeccable.


Hope! is a testament that folk blues will never be outdated despite the fast developing metamorphosis of the music industry. It represents the rawness and sincere talents of every folk artist who aims to share their gifts and hearts to the people through music.

Anyone who seeks to listen to songs that are highly emotional and extraordinarily enchanting must definitely put Mind of Your Own to their playlist.

Track List:
1. Dave Said
2. Mind of Your Own
3. Patience
4. Taker
5. Thousand Winds
6. Happens Real Slow
7. Release
8. Will Be Okay
9. Bloodline
10. Come Home
11. After You
12. Hope!

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