Light up that weary spirit and get lost in exquisite electro chillwave. Norway-based Kasket Club‘s self-titled first EP encapsulates cityscapes and club music without shrouding the ears with loud beats, but rather flourishing it with amazing beats that caresses and hooks you for hours.

Patience captivates the listeners with a combination of steady electro tunes and rhythmic beats. The song possesses a certain balance between psychedelic vocals and steady beats, which makes it a perfect album opener to set the party mood.

Moody Melody makes use of more textured beats and synths that flows seamlessly into the ears. One of the fans’ favorite, Sophia is a more energized electro piece that features an amazing beat that builds and disperses in all the right places. Kasket Club manages to give each tune ample space to shine and slowly disintegrate.


The album wraps up with a celebration of tasteful tunes in White Nights. Press play and listen as experimental tunes harmoniously combine with atmospheric vocals, inducing just the right amount of psychedelic high.

Whether you’re a chillwave fan or just someone who’s looking for the right jam, Kasket Club will give you tracks that will make you hit repeat.

Track List:
1. Patience
2. Moody Melody
3. Sophia
4. Sunday
5. White Nights

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