platformer Android

Spring Ninja

Spring Ninja is one of the latest from Ketchapp Games, and while it bears some resemblance to classic platform / sidescroller games, it does incorporate some original elements that make it fun. The premise is to have your ninja jump a specific distance, and while it sounds simple enough, it’s the reason why this game is addictive.

Papi Jump

The best games don’t have to be complex or have eye popping visuals, because more than anything else, it’s the gameplay that matters. Papi Jump from Sunflat Games is a good example of that, because it’s the very simplicity that makes it addictive: While it’s basically a jumping platform game with a rubber ball, it’s a lot of fun.

Super Bit Dash

Super Bit Dash combines elements of classic platformer games and the popular endless runner today. With its retro theme, smooth graphics and sounds, game developer Fakepup manages to pull off this unlikely combination. Its not just an endless runner clone though, as there are elements her that make the game unique.