There seems to be no letup with the demand for retro games on mobile, and Super Jabber Jump is a good example of this. Developed by GameOne, it’s a platformer for your mobile, and it definitely harkens back to the classic days of pixelated graphics. As you’ll see the elements of classic platformer games are here, and it’s a good thing.

The goal is to jump on the platforms and avoid the obstacles in your way for as long as possible. There are virtual controls for running, jumping and using weapons. As you tap and swipe your way across the many levels, you’ll come across many weapons, and you’ll be needing them as the obstacles and enemies are all over.

The early part of the game serves as a primer on how it works. As you play, jump and collect those coins and power-ups. You’ll also want to watch out for the boosters and also the purple diamonds as they’re going to help you get far.

You have to strategize in the game too. At the start you only have a limited number of hammers, but you’ll get more by completing levels. As you become more adept at the game, you’ll be more than ready for the more advanced levels. You only have three lives – par for the course in classic platform games – but part of the fun is coming back and trying again.

Super Jabber Jump is a good example of how fun these classics can be. Even if you’re played platformers before, it’s worth checking this out as it’s immersive.

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