Super Bit Dash combines elements of classic platformer games and the popular endless runner today. With its retro theme, smooth graphics and sounds, game developer Fakepup manages to pull off this unlikely combination. Itís not just an endless runner clone though, as there are elements her that make the game unique.

In the game you are a caped superhero who goes about collecting coins while trying to steer clear of pitfalls and obstacles along the way. You avoid this by using a variety of moves including being able to dash by swiping. Dashing gets you around more quickly, but this drains your energy quickly. The only way to replenish it is to collect as many of the coins as you can.

There are plenty of these coins in Super Bit Dash, so it doesnít feel as if you are being shortchanged here. Collect enough coins and you will be able to smash through barriers, zoom past spikes, fly across gorges and more. These speed dashes is your main weapon so it is important to mange those coins.

The graphics are very good and capture that retro feeling nicely and if you have played these types of games before the controls will be very familiar. But what really makes Super Bit Dash stand out is the variety. While there are a fixed number of rooms per level, they are combined and selected randomly at the start, so it never feels like youíre playing the same thing over and over..

Super Bit Dash is an enjoyable game and one that retro fans will love. If youíre looking for an endless runner that is different, this should be up your alley.

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