Magic City: Little Bits EP

Magic City is a lofi band from Chicago, Illinois. Don't mistake them for just another quiet indie folk band though, the group has something interesting up their sleeves. Little Bits EP contains songs that float and seem perfect as background music for your day to day life. Tackling topics like love, life and human nature, they compile 6 lovely tracks for you to download in this debut record. Released back in November 11, 2011, this short compilation contains some of the best dreamy pop you'll find for free online.

Cold Blue Kid: Mimic

Six-piece group, Cold Blue Kid is back with a whole new release. Mimic delivers 6 tracks bobbing between indie folk to alternative. Occasionally, they create a cloud of shoegaze over their tracks which makes for an interesting and unconventional indie pop sound. The Chicago crew is made up of Alex Longoria, Evan Holmes, Andrew Sole, Sarah Gallagher, Aaron Apter, and Bryna. The group have been playing shows in the Chicago area since January 2011 and so far they've released two compilations apart from this, Cold Blue Kid Demo and 05.06. 12 @Subterranean.

Asalto Al Parque Zoologico: Asalto Al Parque Zoologico EP

Asalto Al Parque Zoologico EP is the self titled release from relative newcomers, Asalto Al Parque Zoologico. This eclectic noise pop electronic band will certainly impress if you love music like this. The songs are interesting on their own but when coupled with sweet feminine vocals and a cool beat; you have a great bunch of tracks worth checking out. This Argentinian band first hit the waves back in 2008 and since then have easily climbed onto the music ladder in their native country. This 5 track EP was a result of recording, mixing, editing and performing for over a year. It's a solid compilation that's definitely worth listening to.

Mind Cinema: Sun Beat

Spearheaded by Javier Elizondo, Priscila Orfanos, and Gerardo Gamez, Mind Cinema is a Monterrey/Vancouver band that creates surreal, numbing soundscapes, perfectly capturing the ambiguity, chaos and beauty of the subconscious. Their sound carefully touches on electronica, ambient and shoegaze indie rock. Sun Beat is the group's first EP. It comes with 8 tracks tinged with dreamy sounds that crosses between the unpredictability of The Flaming Lips and ambient landscapes of Sigur Ros. Listening to the record is like getting blown away into a dreamland where beauty and madness mix freely and are emanating from the same source. It's a record worth having. The group also has several cool videos on Youtube, check those as well. They perfectly capture the band's unique sound.

Glass Waves – “One Day We’ll All Float Away” – Free Album Download on FrostWire

Glass Waves is a St. Louis rock band composed of three long time musicians: Jordan (vocal, guitar, songwriter), Micah (bass), and Nate (drums). "One Day We'll All Float Away" is their first album together, although they've known each other for a while. The band came together in the summer of 2008 and the trio has been recording and playing concerts together ever since. Their music is characteristic of layered guitar textures and melody focused songwriting. Moods range from landscapes evocative of today's instrumental indie rock to more compact song forms, with elements of no wave, shoegaze, indie pop, and the occasional nod to Bakersfield country. The resulting vibe has as much to do with Dinosaur Jr and Yo La Tengo as it does with groups like Band of Horses and Explosions in the Sky.