Magic City is a lofi band from Chicago, Illinois. Don’t mistake them for just another quiet indie folk band though, the group has something interesting up their sleeves.

Little Bits EP contains songs that float and seem perfect as background music for your day to day life. Tackling topics like love, life and human nature, they compile 6 lovely tracks for you to download in this debut record.

Released back in November 11, 2011, this short compilation contains some of the best dreamy pop you’ll find for free online. 

Kicking things off with the almost 4-minute sweet pop of Your Eyes; the song combines feminine vocals with noisy guitars fed through distortions combined with a hazy layer of soft shoegaze rock. It’s the type of song that doesn’t immediately stick but the more you listen to it, the more you’ll start appreciating the song.

Most of the tracks on here have a do-it-yourself feel, as if the band just hauled their instruments in the basement, turned on the record player and started playing. You’ll hear more of this vibe as you listen to cuts like, Work For Us and This City. Meanwhile the final track, Hard To Imagine, is an Eisley-esque track with a darker tone. It starts quiet but swells to an indie rock affair towards the end.

Magic City is made up of Lauren Whitacre, Colin Croom, Bubby Salveson and Claude Abbott. You can grab this EP over at BandCamp. It’s available at a name-your-price option. There’s also a limited edition cassette copy for sale over at Feeltrip Records.

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