Singles: Unempty

Painting dark and surreal landscapes, Singles by Unempty is a gold mine for dubstep and experimental music lovers. It seems easy to appreciate and over appreciate an album that exudes the ability to mash-up two contrasting yet modern sonic trends. In this ten-track collection, Unempty showcases an album that plays on our moods and emotions. Approaching with much power, Convocation cautiously stirs the tightly coiled arrangement with a glowing electro undercurrent. Atomic Man follows with an edgy vibe. The reverberant drum patterns with occasional vocals encapsulates dubstep in its purest sense.

Adult Swim: Singles

We all know or at least heard of Adult Swim as adult-oriented cable television that shares air time with Cartoon Network; not everyone, however, knows them for releasing some sweet free music. As part of their more recent projects, Adult Swim has decided to put together a compilation, 8 singles over 8 weeks that would blend together some great artists from genres as diverse as folk, pop, hip-hop, metal, and a touch of electronica.