Painting dark and surreal landscapes, Singles by Unempty is a gold mine for dubstep and experimental music lovers.

It seems easy to appreciate and over appreciate an album that exudes the ability to mash-up two contrasting yet modern sonic trends. In this ten-track collection, Unempty showcases an album that plays on our moods and emotions.

Approaching with much power, Convocation cautiously stirs the tightly coiled arrangement with a glowing electro undercurrent. Atomic Man follows with an edgy vibe. The reverberant drum patterns with occasional vocals encapsulates dubstep in its purest sense.

Tracks such as P-Station, Critter, and Halloween Happiness showcase a deep and complex layered sound with a dark flair. Halloween Happiness is quite chilling, it’s amazing how its sounds translate into a horror story that everyone will understand even without words.

In Nothing and a Guitar, the album ends with almost an alternation of montage clippings and acoustic strings that slowly evolves into a spacey atmospheric sound.

All in all, Singles by Unempty is a compilation of songs that triggers the mood and hightens the senses of listeners. For those experimental soundscapes, synthesizers, and odd ideas, you might want to check this one out.

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