Fête Records‘ “Singles” collection is a thorough showcase of the talent available at the American label. Borrowing from hip-hop, soul, Jazz, and R&B, these 23 cuts provide a diverse, colorful experience. It’s perhaps a bit incoherent at times, but compilations of this nature are not meant to function as albums in the strict sense of the word. You’ll most likely be cherry-picking favorite tracks, leaving others to succumb in solitude. However, there’s a treat in store to satisfy just about any appetite.

Fan favorite and Fête heavyweight Mac Ayres crowds the opening portion with 3 of the first 5 songs to his name. “Lonely“, the intimate opener, features Ayres begging for a bit of company at night, “Calvin’s Joint” and Jack Dine collaboration “I’ve Always Been” follow up in the same vein. After that, the compilation’s styles start to truly deviate. Some of the more dancefloor-friendly songs include The Kount‘s extremely funky instrumentals in “Contact!“, TREGS‘ “Crystal Style” glitchy hip-hop beats and “2 Right“, a purely electronic affair by More//Night. Shahly, Harris Cole and BLANDA join the mix with experimental, almost genre-less tunes. Somewhat conventional modern hip-hop is brought by the likes of j.robb, Bowtye, whoiskev and JULiA LEWiS while artists such as Castelluzo, Dee Lilly, and Phabo bring Soul and R&B to the table.

With this “Singles” package, Fête put on display the attractive musical dexterity that has brought them to prominence in recent years. Not all tracks will appeal to everyone, but that’s exactly the point: Whatever you enjoy in this compilation will leave a mark.

Favorite Tracks: Lonely, Contact!, Bliss, Crystal Sky, 2 Right, Impressions, Für Audri, Michael Scotch.

Track List:
1. Mac Ayres – Lonely 04:19
2. Mac Ayres & Jack Dine – I’ve Always Been (feat. Mobocracy) 01:54
3. Jack Dine – My Way (feat. Will Fraker) 02:38
4. Castelluzzo – Night Time Blues 03:16
5. Mac Ayres – Calvin’s Joint 03:46
6. RNDYSVGE – GetBackBby 02:57
7. The Kount – Contact! 02:56
8. j.robb – Still Got It (feat. Naji, Vada, Olukara, and Solis) 04:22
9. Bowtye – I Know 02:03
10. Maurice Moore – Awesome (prod. Krs) 03:20
11. Shahly – Bliss 02:11
12. BOWTYE, ROMderful – On & On 04:18
13. TREGS – Crystal Sky 03:49
14. Flamingosis, The Kount, and Falcxne – Knock Knock 04:41
15. Harris Cole – Michael Scotch 02:52
16. More//Night – 2 Right 03:52
17. Otxhello – Turbo 03:12
18. The Kount – Adapt 03:08
19. whoiskev – You’re Mine (Selfish) 03:37
20. JULiA LEWiS – Awfully Close (feat. Rexx Life Raj) 02:55
21. Dee Lilly – Impressions (feat. Xone White) 04:45
22. BLANDA – Für Audri 03:48
23. Phabo – Ocean Blue (prod. Caleb Alleyne) 05:55

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