Ray Sytes: Tote My Flag

Gracing the pages of our blog the second time around, hip hop and dancehall artist, Ray Sytes, is back with an exciting new mix. Tote My Flag has everything any hip hop lover will enjoy like mad beats, catchy hooks, great vibes and awesome mic skills courtesy of Sytes and company. Ray Sytes is a Guyanese born rapper/musician that is proud to showcase his heritage as well as his love for Brooklyn and Queens. With a colorful repertoire and collaborations with some of the best producers and rappers, including a song with multi-platinum artist, T-Pain, in his previous record; Sytes is definitely bent on making more than a ripple on this big sea of hip hop.

Ray Sytes: Guyanese Pride

Ray Sytes came to America from Guyana as a young child with his family like most immigrants for the American Dream. It's here in America that his love for Hip Hop music grew as well as his talent for the art form. He's proud to represent the cities of Brooklyn and Queens in New York with his musical talent.