Gracing the pages of our blog the second time around hip hop and dancehall artist, Ray Sytes, is back with an exciting new mix. Tote My Flag has everything any hip hop lover will enjoy, like mad beats, catchy hooks, great vibes and awesome mic skills courtesy of Sytes and company.

Ray Sytes is a Guyanese born rapper/musician that is proud to showcase his heritage as well as his love for Brooklyn and Queens.

With a colorful repertoire and collaborations with some of the best producers and rappers, including a song with a multi-platinum artist in his previous record, Sytes is definitely bent on making more than a ripple on this big sea of hip hop.

Tote My Flag is the first mixtape from Sytes’ Welcome To The Far South series. The singer has also released a full compilation titled, Guyanese Pride, which included the song Everybody Else – a track in which he collaborated with rapper T-Pain.

Sytes doesn’t only create music to please his fans, he sees his sound as a way of promoting his home country as well. His mixes feature contributions from other renowned musicians, all while skillfully combining several music genres. The album exudes reggae & hiphop beats but also incorporates smooth R&B rhythms showcasing the artists’ true flexibility.

Straight hiphop cuts like, My City and Star Bwoy Remix ft. Mavado, beautifully shows the artist’s mic skills. His penchant for reflective lyrics and beats is among the things that draw listeners to his sound. On the other hand, as a salute to his roots, Nike Song, Push It and title track, Tote My Flag celebrate more of a dance-hall vibe. Of course, Sytes doesn’t stop there. He also explores his melodic side on tracks like Remember Me, Call On Me and Can’t Back Down.

Discovering his love for hip-hop at a young age, Sytes credits his blossoming love for the music by watching artists like LL Cool J, Run DMC and Big Daddy Kane spit out rhymes on TV. He was initially a part of Major League Hustlaz with childhood friend, Big Vegas. After two records with his friend, he was confident enough to head to the studio and write/record his own songs. This time around he was bent on exploring and incorporating his passion for other types of music. He successfully does this and released Guyanese Pride along with other mixes like this current one.

Tote My Flag is an excellent compilation that has a little bit of everything. If you’re looking for great music to play at your party, a simple movie night with your partner at home, or maybe just something to play on your music player – this one should be perfect.

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