TabTale games

Cheating Tom

Cheating Tom from Crazy Labs is a unique game wherein you must help Tom cheat his way in school. This isn’t something you should try in real life, but now you can do so from the safety of your mobile. If you’re tired of the usual games you play, then this is something you can check out.

Baby Heroes

Baby Heroes combines the elements of resource management, strategy and action, as you assemble a team of baby heroes to save several cities. Created by TabTale, you’ll have to save six cities in different locations with babies in six professions, cleaner, electrician, gardener, builder and fireman. It’s different, and a whole lot of fun.

Pop The Corn!

Pop the Corn is one of the most interesting games for the iOS, and developer TabTale has really pulled out all the stops to make a simple but addictive game. All you need to do is make popcorn and pop them. That’s all there is to it. Pop The Corn isn’t complicated, and there’s no complex strategy to work out, but it is still a lot of fun.