Cheating Tom from Crazy Labs is a unique game wherein you must help Tom cheat his way in school. This isn’t something you should try in real life, but now you can do so from the safety of your mobile. If you’re tired of the usual games you play, then this is something you can check out.

When the game starts you can choose to be a girl or boy, Tammy or Tom, and then you have to make sure that you don’t get caught by the teachers as you copy and rewrite the answers. In other words you need to clear out before you are caught. When you go to the other students in class (9 classrooms are provided in the game) or head outside, you need to make sure you are in the clear. Fortunately you will see exclamation signs appear so you have a few seconds to get back to your seat before she turns around and sees you.

What makes Cheating Tom very interesting is the fact that there are many characters, and you need to watch out for the ‘nerds’ because they could get you in trouble. The objective in the game of course, is to get an A+, and you need to avoid a C because if you do you’ll need to repeat the level.

Level design in Cheating Tom is very nice and the more points you can get the higher levels you’ll be able to reach. Because the game has a time limit for copy pasting the answers you’ll need to be quick, adding to the challenge and fun.

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