Clumsy Chef is a fun wedding adventure game from TabTale, and you’ll get the adventure of your life with the clumsiest chef in the world. Your objective in the game is to help the hapless chef get all the meals ready for Bridezilla, among other tasks. This is a fun, light hearted game that kids and the young at heart.

The objective of the game is to help Bridezilla get ready for her wedding day, and as the chef’s aid your job is to make sure that all the meals for the big wedding are ready. Each level of he game requires you to prepare wedding food and meals and other tasks, including the big cake.

Clumsy Chef is similar to many of the food games on mobile, where the mission is to prepare the ingredients before the big day arrives. The early levels are easy enough, and that’s good because it will get you ready for the succeeding stages. But as you reach higher levels, Bridezilla will make bigger, harder and crazier demands.

Clumsy Chef is a fun, humorous game, and while the chef gets more hysterical as Bridezilla’s demands get crazier, you’ll be able to help by using all the tools available at your disposal. Aside from helping the chef, you need to fix the oven and stop the raging fire.

Bridezilla’s demands and the fire are just two of the challenges that you’ll face as you also have to fix Bridezilla’s dress, fix the wedding car, decorate the cake, tidy up the groom and more. In other words, there’s plenty here to keep you occupied.

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