Rozwell Kid: The Rozwell Kid LP

Rozwell Kid is the brainchild of Jordan Hudkins, a drummer from the band The Demon Beat. For this LP, he took a break from his drumming and tried out his hand at creating alternative electro noise pop. Listening to it now, it seems he's stumbled onto something here. This is his first foray into the solo route and it's proving a success. The Rozwell Kid LP comes with 10 tracks and one bonus single. According to the artist, his goal for the album was "to create the kind of music I love listening to, release it into the wild, and hope it finds an audience who can relate to my passion for thick, noisy power-pop.

Bomb The Music Industry!: Vacation

Known not just for their upbeat indie rock offerings but also for their ethos, Bomb The Music Industry! is back with their latest record - Vacation. Abbreviated as BTMI!, the group has been together for some time. They've released several records and are known to be firm believers of distributing their own music. Following their DIY credo, the guys distribute their music for free and are known to perform only for a general audience while not charging more than $10 for the ticket price. With their mix of punk, pop and fun indie rock; Vacation is impressing both fans and new listeners alike. Take a listen.

Pterodactyl: The Dark Side of the Moon

With the success of Weezer's 8-Bit Album version, there was bound to be a sequel. This time around, the boys of Pterodactyl have set their sights to cover one of the greatest bands ever, Pink Floyd. The Dark Side of the Moon has always been an iconic record ever since it was released in March 1973. Hence, it was the obvious choice for the next 8-bit rehash. The Pterodactyl Squad has gathered up some of the most prominent names in chiptune talent and made use of old game consoles to create a truly unique but true-to-the-original sound. This isn't just for those who love Floyd, it's pretty much for anybody who loves great music and good old videogames.

The Appreciation Post: Work?/?Sleep EP

With a penchant for power pop and synth punk beats, The Appreciation Post is bringing in tons of energy with their upbeat sound. The Boston quartet has been around since 2005 and have shared the stage with awesome acts such as Smoking Popes, Mayday Parade, and Anberlin to name a few. Work/Sleep is the third release from the crew and hauls in power pop into play. Their previous records include, Brighter Sides (2006) and Leftovers (2010). The latter was produced by Marc McClusky who's worked with bands like Bad Religion and even indie favorite, Weezer. Armed with catchy beats and tongue-in-cheek lyrics, it's a compilation that can easily become a staple in any college punk rockers room.

Weezer: The 8-bit Album (Pterodactyl)

Anybody who loves Weezer AND video games should definitely download this record. UK based video game netlabel, Pterodactyl, has finally made what most geek indie rock fanboys and fangirls' dream of without realizing it, a Weezer cover album done in 8-bit! This 14 track record consists of nothing but the best cuts from the gods of geek rock. Main difference is that instead of Cuomo and crew's usual chops, it's the 8-bit sound that dominates. If you love Weezer and video games, this is one record you shouldn't miss out on. It's a quirky take on some of the best Weezer singles out there, done by some of the best "chiptune talents" the label has to offer.

Roar – I Can’t Handle Change

I Can't Handle Change is a beautiful indie rock compilation from ROAR, an Arizona band spearheaded by Owen Evans, formerly of Asleep in the Sea. Evans is joined by a couple of mates in creating a band that sounds like the lovechild of Rivers Cuomo and his "wide-spread power-pop influence" or maybe "Brian Wilson playing his piano in the middle of a sandbox filled with dog turds." I partly agree with the first description but for sure, the band sounds like they are happy making music that's making other people (aka people like me) quite happy. They mix a good dose of pop, indie rock and sweet melodies to make you want to hit playback over and over again. Grab this download or help out the group by purchasing their record over at iTunes. Definitely worth it.

Shinobu: Strange Spring Air

Shinobu's Strange Spring Air is filled with tracks infused with a beautiful 90s feel. The alternative pop flavor of the album is refreshing especially for someone who grew up listening to 90s music. These California natives offer beautiful surf rock music that's intertwined with catchy hooks. All four members, "Matt Keegan: trombone, guitar, vocals, keyboards, aux percussion; Mike Huguenor: vocals, guitar, aux percussion; Bob Vielma: bass, vocals, probably aux percussion and Jon Fu: drums, wisdom, aux percussion, aux wisdom contributed to the making of the album."

I Am Not Lefthanded “Time To Leave” – Indie Pop Rock Sound with Captivating Vocals

Pop indie music with dashes of alternative and coupled with sweet girl vocals. They might not be lefthanded but they sure can create good lovely music. I Am Not Lefthanded makes simple music sound as if it's the only kind of song worth listening to. Their short album Time to Leave is a great blend of melodic indie rock with small doses of alternative rock. Citing some of Indie music's darlings (Rilo Kiley, Deathcab for Cutie and Weezer) as among their top favorites; it's hard not to notice the obvious influence in sound and lyrical quality. Citing some of Indie music's darlings (Rilo Kiley, Deathcab for Cutie and Weezer) as among their top favorites; it's hard not to notice the obvious influence in sound and lyrical quality.

Free iTunes Holiday Sampler – just for one week

It's not our policy to write about iTunes free releases, becuase they are for a short time only, but we think this one is worth it. Plus - nobody will be downloading Holiday music in January anyway... It's a full-blown 20-track sampler album with something for everyone. It includes some religious Christmas songs, some holiday-spirit classics and some funny tongue-in-cheek tracks by artists like Sarah McLachlan, Barry Manilow, Toby Keith, Weezer, Stephen Colbert, Aretha Franklin and others.