Picture this: you were about to hook up with a person you’ve been dating for a long time, and in that moment, your future three-week old self appears, and then your future three-month self, future one-year self, future son, and so on, all of them warning you of what may happen in the years to come if you continue the deed. Crazy, right?

Time Travel Lover transcends the Hollywood formula of romantic comedy, creating a punching unromantic comedy that’s simple, entertaining, and incredibly brilliant, all packed in approximately ten minutes. The short is directed by Bo Mirosseni, written by Elisha Yaffe, and presented under Partizan Films.

One of the strong points of the film is its unique story line. In just one moment in a film, the characters’ past, present, and possible future are unfolded—a hard feat to achieve even in longer films.

time travel lover

Though the cinematography might be improved a bit, the film features impeccable screen writing that crams a lot of punch and events in several scenes.

All in all, Time Travel Lover puts a new twist to romantic comedy and the happy-ever-after formula that comes with it. It’s a quirky and fun short that elevates the audience’s understanding and expectation of a well-loved genre.

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