Portland, ME-based producer Phoniks teams up with Houston rapper Anti-Lilly to drop their collaboration project Stories From The Brass Section.

The deadly combination of these two talents brought up an 11-track album that features heavy jazz influence and remixes of ‘90s hip-hop classics. The album also includes the talents of Scolla, Devin Miles, and Awon.

Prepare to hear relaxing instrumentals, jazzy rhythms, and smooth flowing rhymes.

Pay Homage Interlude is swirling with saxophones and horns flowing out in countless shades of funk and soul. This track is set to build an urbane ambiance for all the listeners.

The fluidity of the album is maintained in Descension, wherein the laid-back flow of Lilly’s rapping compliments well the funky keyboards, light drumbeats, and groovy saxophone of Phoniks.

Lilly’s rhymes never falter from being unswerving as he shows out on Respiration, Rothko, and the remix to Blue Dream featuring Devin Miles.

Phoniks has been dropping impressive productions while Lilly’s vocal talent infused with chimes and beats perfectly results to a smooth flowing listen. Stories From The Brass Section actually proves that chemistry and talent mixed together results to superiority.

Track List:
1. Intro
2. Blue In Green
3. Respiration ft. Scolla
4. 14 Til
5. Pay Homage Interlude
6. Rothko
7. Blue Dream ft. Devin Miles (Phoniks Remix)
8. Smoke Interlude
9. Everyman
10. Descension
11. Big Payback ft. Awon
12. Young G (Phoniks Remix)

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