Whether you’re planning your day’s agenda or just lazying around in bed, it is never a bad time to listen to good music. Today, freshen up your musical palate with saccharine indie-pop records from singer/songwriter madelyniris.

In her new album, Adventures, released December last year, the songstress takes us on a journey to vivid soundscapes, where powerful vocals and colorful arrangement play as essential elements.


Leave and Never Look Back welcomes the ears with sporadic, spacey beats blended with electro/disco-sounding keys. The track features inclinations to ’80s disco revamped with modern ambient touches. The layering of madelyniris‘ voice adds to the atmospheric vibe of the piece while sharp beats maintain the track’s texture, balancing out the airiness and dynamism of the piece.

In Ghost, listen as madelyniris‘ communicate to our souls, creating a bubble of relaxation and tranquility. Here, the songstress employs a foundation of subdued drum beats and whispering electro tunes, which, little by little, progress into a glowing, powerful arrangement.

Standout track, Adventure, leaves us calm and satisfied. Madelyniris controls breath, simplicity, and design, creating a piece that does not bombard the ears with melodies, and instead, strengthens the purity of elements to radiate phenomenal harmonies.

Track after track, madelyniris leaves us in awe as she explores every nook and cranny of her sound to deliver a breathtaking musical adventure.

Track List:
1. Leave And Never Look Back
2. Ghost
3. Street Signs And White Lies
4. Lets Restart
5. Adventure

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