(Blink 182, Green Day, New Found Glory)


gates: The Sun Will Rise and Lead Me Home

Hailing from New Brunswick, New Jersey is the excellent ambient/indie rock band, gates. The band is able to present a sound that makes you forget that you have to take notice of the details. This leads to a listening experience that is seamless and captivating.

NO/NO: Drag EP

Treat yourself with some fresh energizing sound with NO/NO’s latest EP, Drag. The Wisconsin-based band of Harrison Colby (guitar, vocals), Cat Ries (synth, vocals), Lucas Riddle (bass), and Jeremy Ault (drum pad, sampling) introduces to listeners their signature sound of new wave pop that has punk and darkwave undertones.


ATWA by Nitch is an album that will surely blow your mind. With their heart-pumping tracks in the album, you are in for a grunge music experience. Listen as each beat of the drum, each groove of the the bass and electric guitars, and each kick of textured vocals enthrall your ears. Released last April 10, 2014, this album will surely elicit some solid head bangs.

gorgeous bully: The Young Obese

If, and only if, you ever get to encounter a ‘gorgeous bully’, you should know that fighting back isn’t an option. This clever title is the moniker of Thomas Crang, a Manchester-based musician who has helped transition the act from a solo project to a band effort.
Garage Days EP cover

Avenue: Garage Days

Aptly titled Garage Days, Avenue’s EP is a your average pop punk fare, but with a twist: the usual bass and electric guitar are replaced with a rawer-sounding acoustic guitar (strummed to its core) and basic drums. Though this sounds amateur-ish, it’s part of the EP’s charm.

Get The Picture: Nothing Less Than Nostalgia

Nothing Less Than Nostalgia is an energy-inducing album produced by Get The Picture. It is a collection of pop-rock-punk tracks with two tracks as acoustic and remix. Take A Chance might at first sound like the usual pop-rock song, but this track has that kickass energy enveloped around it. First, the vocals is very distinctive and is perfect for a pop-rock genre. Second, the musical instruments such as drums, guitar, bass, etc fuses that will release a neon pop-rock. Lastly, it is very catchy and simply rocks.