Hailing from music loving Barcelona, Spain, The Freak Fandango Orchestra have been dishing out their own unique brand of music since 2006. It’s not easy to classify or categorize their music, as it has elements of rock, dance, gypsy, polka and folk all rolled into one. If you’ve been listening to the band you have come to expect this, but if you’re new you’re in for a treat with Lost Songs of Fake Unicorns.

The tree tracks on the album showcase the band’s versatility in terms of blending different genres and use of diverse instruments. All 3 are fast, upbeat, fun and even a bit comedic in tone, but each with their own take on various genres.

The opening track, Unnamed Song (Of A Fake Unicorn) goes from 0-60 from the start and doesn’t let up. Call it gypsy, polka or just plain dance music, the song is going to get your feet moving and just make you feel good. It’s essentially a feel good ditty and a pleasure to listen to.

The Puma combines the accordion and trumpet to great effect, with the vocals blending in seamlessly. The rapid fire track builds up even more at the 2 minute mark with some amazing trumpet work. Again the music defies easy categorization, but it has characteristics of Balkan music in it.

The album concludes with Hit Me. It starts off a little slow but gains momentum quickly. With its soaring trumpets and ode to Balkan folk, it’s a fitting end to this remarkable album. If you count yourself among those who haven’t had the pleasure of listening to world music, Lost Songs of Fake Unicorns is a good place to start.

Favorite Tracks
The Puma

Track List
1. Unnamed Song (Of A Fake Unicorn) 2:55
2. The Puma 3:04
3. Hit Me 3:39

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