(The Gypsy Kings, Mana, Jobim)

Nelson O: Bacharengue

FrostClick se complace en ampliar el repertorio musical Latino presentando lo nuevo de Nelson O, un artista que viene cargado de entusiasmo y pasión por la música a ofrecernos su nuevo trabajo musical en el álbum "Bacharengue". Este nombre que bautiza su mas resiente trabajo musical sirve de abreboca para introducir un repertorio lleno de ritmos latinos cargados de bachata y merengue con letras que, según sus propias palabras, describen muy bien al artista.

MIT Choir: Carl Orff’s Carmina Burana

Originating from 1230 AD, the Carmina Burana is a set of medieval manuscripts consisting of 254 poems and dramatic text. It was an epic piece of text that was created by theological students mainly to satirize the church. Most of the works centered on subjects such as wealth, the nature of life, financial abuses, joy of Springtime and even the pleasure and perils of drinking. The Carmina Burata was translated into an beautiful cantata by German composer, Carl Orff in 1937. The composer's version of the Carmina is now available as a free download right on FMA. Performed by none other than the MIT Orchestra under the direction of Dr. William Cutter (2006.) This is a great piece of classical/medieval music brought to life in these modern times.

Johnwaynes: What Is All About

A little bit of bossanova, electro-acoustic sounds, electropop delight, some disco/jazz influence and great vocals in all the right places; What Is All About is certainly a melting pot for your senses. Released in 2010 by Johnwaynes album (made available for a download by the Optimus Discos Label), brings us five excellent tracks ready to bright up your day with their light and chill out sounds that will not be quickly forgotten.

Gepel: Moducu

Gepel is a jazz trio from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Founded in 2006 they released their first album, Moducu (meaning 'thanks' in Lucum, a Yoruba dialect), the very same year. The album, released under the Dharmasound Netlabel, is a collection of six wonderful tracks, each showcasing the great musical talents of its members. So if you are in the mood for original compositions with some excellent deep sounds of bass, heart piercing percussion, and rich piano - Gepel is definitely for you!

Rei Teytum: Viajeros

A wonderful fusion of rock, funk, folk, jazz, brass with some great sounding guitar, percussion, violin, viola, keyboards, trumpet, sax, bagpipes!?, and yes, even harmonica. It seems that Rei Teytum have it all, except of course for an English version of their bio anywhere on the Internet. So it is times like this that I wish I spoke more languages to bring you important information about the artists. But since that will simply not happen lets focus on their fantastic album, "Viajeros""Travelers", and the tiny bits of band history I was able to get (courtesy of my friend Google Translate).