It’s been a while since I’ve heard a new underground band that sounded as raw as this punk group. Amyl and the Sniffers is a classic four-piece garage band from St. Kilda in Melbourne, Australia. Formed in February of this year with their debut EP Giddy Up, they’re a burst of grungy energy and aesthetic. So grab your ripped jeans and combat boots and “giddy up” for this album… I apologize for that.

My bad writing aside, this seven-minute EP will get you riled up. That’s clear right from the start of the first track, Pleasure Forever. We hear the drumsticks clicking together in sync with a loud count-off, then it’s a flurry of classic distorted power chords, driving drums and solid bass. The band is led by the singer Amyl (Amy) Taylor, who fearlessly controls the mic.

Notice the lo-fi aesthetic of the pictures

Notice the lo-fi aesthetic of the pictures

The second and longest track, Caltex Cowgirl, showcases a smoother side of the group with a bit of a swing groove that encourages head bopping rather than head banging. Amy sings a hypnotic melody and the guitarist takes a nice solo that takes us right into the third track, Mandalay. That distortion becomes familiar in this rocking tune about chasing a man. The last track, Stole My Push Bike is a fitting, energetic end to the EP. Amy has a rebellious, punk-ish tone through the whole track that makes you want to get her push bike back.

They were only fairly recently formed, but already Amyl and the Sniffers have made a big splash in the local scene and have released another single. You can follow their adventures on their regularly updated Facebook page and be sure to grab Giddy Up from their Bandcamp.

Track List

  1. Pleasure Forever
  2. Caltex Cowgirl
  3. Mandalay
  4. Stole My Push Bike

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