Here we have something for all the users out there, who would like to get a taste of video editing without burning a huge hole-in-the-pocket. Kdenlive is an open source video editing software created on the MLT (Media Lovin Toolkit) Framework, which heavily focuses on flexibility and ease of use. Initially developed by Jason Wood in 2002, the development of the app is now looked after by small developers. Kdenlive is a very easy-to-use software package and packs-in a lot of features that will satisfy all of the newbies and amateur video editors.

VLC Direct Streaming Pro Free

The advent of High-Definition (HD) movies has not only brought crystal-quality picture to us, but also has brought around a dozen of new formats such as, .mkv, .avi, Xvid, Divx, .mp4 so on and so forth. This poses a big problem for the default video players in phones and tablets, as they are unable to handle the newer breeds of formats. Here enters VLC Direct Pro for Android. VLC player is developed by Streaming Technologies and they have done a marvelous job with their Android App. To a certain extent, it is safe to say, that VLC Direct PRO matches the quality of the VLC Player for Desktop.