Listen to the story of old Marrec as he weaves an incredible tale of bravery, magical creatures and his most epic catch ever from the deep blue sea.

The Incredible Marrec is a brilliant animation is created by the team of Régis Aillet, Alexandre Bass, Clément Chaudat, Etienne Devillée, and Maxime Moreira from ESMA. The film was originally in French but was dubbed in English by Vincent Grass and Nathalie Homs.


The animation is simply superb. The sea provided a rich world where Marrec’s imagination plays and evolves, creating entertaining and amusing action scenes polished to flawless precision. The strong narrative holds this film together, as it amuses the audience scene after scene.

Also, the formula of an old man and a young boy never fails to touch the heart. There’s chemistry between the two, which takes the audience to a warm, happy place.

As gorgeous looking and highly amusing as the film is, it’s the honest character and enchanting story that sews together, delivering a enjoyable film that appeals to all ages.

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