Delivering on its promise of effects and movement, AMP written and directed by Adam Marisett is an exhilarating short that combines action and drama. The 8-minute short is produced under Triton Films Inc. and stars Matthew MacCaul and Elysia Rotaru.

23 Degrees 5 Minutes

Get ready to be transported into a new dimension with 23 Degrees 5 minutes, an animated short film by Darragh O’Connell, produced by Colm Tyrell under Brown Bag Films. The film is funded under the Frameworks scheme from the Irish Film Board, RTE, and the Arts Council of Ireland. It has been nominated for an IFTA award in 2012.


Dark and hauntingly beautiful, Guilt is a poetic thriller about good and evil. Itís a 2012 short animation project by director/animator Tobias Larson. The film follows the story of a burdened creature with a dark past. She meets a gentle and mysterious cat that leads her to an experience that will transform and open her eyes.