Get ready to be transported into a new dimension with 23 Degrees 5 minutes, an animated short film by Darragh O’Connell, produced by Colm Tyrell under Brown Bag Films. The film is funded under the Frameworks scheme from the Irish Film Board, RTE, and the Arts Council of Ireland. It has been nominated for an IFTA award in 2012.

Based on a short story by Austin Kenny, follow an old explorer in the Artic as he re-lives how his college professor’s obsession with number two, three, and five has brought him to the top of the world.

Consistetly engrossing as an usual character, the character of Professor Orit is an unsual mixture of brilliance and madness–a combination that lays a strong foundation to the story. His obsession on the numbers has haunted not only the character itself but also the viewers. It tickled our curiosities that leads us to follow the story, scene after scene.

John Hurt and Stuart Townsend as voice talents have justified the solid filmmaking. The narration of the exlplorer was at a right phase that even kids could follow and comprehend.

A wonder of wonders, 23 Degrees 5 minutes is a well-written and directed animated short film that will move and enchant even the most twisted mind.

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