Keyboard Rebel is part of a new batch of indie British pop artists surging from across the pond. This aaahh-records release is a mix of mainstream rock with creative influxes of folk, that still manages to keep its British feel. The album “Pop Grenade” – which you can download here for free – contains a wide range of moods and tones. From the droppy-voiced, armonica-filled “Lonesome George”, to the happy feel-good tunes like “Pop Grenade” and “Abigail,” you are sure to find your “true pop” favorite in this album. You won’t find complex musical composition here, but instead a solid concept that has very high replayability value.

Another important note about Keyboard Rebel is that all of the profits they make from performing and merchandise go straight to the Amnesty International Foundation. So if you like them, then please buy some swag or order a physical CD to help this honest cause.

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