The Respondent EP by the Chicago and Stockholm based Resplendent/Downey is certainly one oldy-but-goody release, in internet years anyway, and certainly one of my all-time personal favorites. Released in the summer of 2007, this 3-song digital EP which is available for download here, coagulates a massive amount of feeling and idealism, that is beautifully transmitted in a mix of electronic music and good, heartfelt vocals. If I had to name the genre of this EP, it would definitely have to be “emo-tronic.” Now, I hate the whole “emo movement” as much as the next guy, but this kind of emotional music will not make you suffer, instead it will make you appreciate life more and more.

The history behind this album is almost as interesting as the music itself. The duo has never met, and they worked on the project directly -or indirectly- through email.┬áSomething I find enormously inspiring; nowadays you don’t need to meet a person in order to feed off each other’s creativity.

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