Windows Vista – Customization Manual [Book of How To’s] is written by Rich Robinson, the creator of, a very helpful Windows Guide website. This is a second of his free e-books. The first one, “Windows Vista – The Pocket Guide” covered the basics of customizing, improving, and organizing your Windows Vista machine. “Windows Vista – Customization Manual” goes more into detail about the customization process itself teaching the user how to make their computer’s operating system work as if it would be created just for them.

It gives you instructions on how to:
* Change Your Boot and Login Screens
* Customize Your Start Menu and Desktop
* Make the Most Out of Wallpaper and Screensavers
* Customize Windows Explorer
* Organize Your Files

As I’ve admitted before, I am not a Windows user, but I found both of his e-books very well written, easy to follow & containing just the right amount of technical information (in plain English!).

Take a look at the book’s preview:

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