Coming straight to the point, Falling Balls is a game that really needs to be played to enjoy it to the fullest. Coming to the iOS platform, it will surely provide all users with ample fun time without getting one bored.

Developed by BIT-101, this developer has done a commendable job by integrating the finest architecture structure within such a casual game.

The game is so straightforward that there is nothing to talk about until it has been played. So, what does the player actually need to do? Well, nothing apart from tilting the device from time-to-time depending on the situation and saving the stick model before he is crushed to pulp.

The recent new update has the whole game written in OpenGL for improved performance and response over the previous version, while retaining the same basic game looks and even responses like the original. The user-interface has also received a new shiny look with the inclusion of a new Ninja level as well as a few other advanced levels.

Overall, Falling Balls is a great game and will keep players hooked endlessly without welcoming the boredom factor. A big thumbs-up to the developer and their initiative for bringing such a well integrated game for free on iOS.

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