Philadelphia’s Voodoo Economics is a hard act to classify. There are traces of hip-hop, trip-hop, techno, industrial and even goth throughout the tracks on their album titled If: Then:: Iminami. Yet no one genre dominates. In various reviews, the word ‘quirky’ comes up often. The band’s fondness for fragmented riffs and odd time signatures certainly sounds quirky. While this may keep them off the commercial radar there is still plenty of intelligent music from this very professional sounding band for music lovers to admire.

“Air Barriers” is one of the more accessible tracks but it adequately demonstrates the hallmarks of this group. Alison Conard’s vocals have a sort of David Lynch / Julee Cruise surrealism about it and the cryptic lyrics certainly add to that perception. Conard also contributes guitar and keyboard while drummer Justin Gibbon and bassist Jeremy Prouty adds much to this odd music. This is a unusual but exciting album.

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