D3Zs is a group of hip-hop artists from Canada and Japan. Having met at a show in Kyoto, the artists worked on a number of projects, one being this free online album released by the exciting new hip-hop net label, Random Flow.

Doin’ The Raps (part 1) is a bit of a revelation. The beats are complex but riveting. The rap is just as enthralling. I especially like the Japanese rapping by Highsnow. I have no idea what he is saying but I love the way he says it. Canadian rapper Cheese is also quite capable at delivering the words along with the beat. I especially like the manic “Checked” and the more grooving “Childhood Memories”. In a slower vein, check out “Crazy From The Head” and “Imagination”.

My favorite track is “The Nightflies” which combines sharp rapping with a acid jazz environment. This is hip-hop that is fresh and way above the unimaginative noise that passes for rap on commercial radio.

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