A familiar face here in the Frostclick blog, You Remind Me of No One is Derek Clegg’s latest effort. This would mark the fifth time his music has appeared here and overall, his seventh compilation to date.

Containing his signature laid-back folk pop sound, the album is another worthy check-out for anyone who’s listened to the artist and his previous albums.

If there’s one thing the Chicago singer/songwriter has given his fans, it’s one heartwarming compilation after another as well as the opportunity to listen to all these goodness absolutely free.

Derek Clegg has always been a proponent of great laid back acoustic pop tracks and his latest record, speaks in the same tone and volume.

Kickstarting the quaint little 11-track compilation is the quiet guitar track, Human. It’s a simple single that embodies the singer’s charm. One of those songs you can play on a relaxing afternoon, where the weather is just right and you’re having a good day. It’s followed by a slightly upbeat, folk pop single, The Mountains Will Collide. It’s a catchy single that perks up the album from the getgo.

As expected, you’ll find beautiful guitar sounds throughout the record. The tracks are pretty solid and the artist ensures listeners will get a good variety as the album plays on. Lighthearted and pensively moody at instances; it has great balance.

If you’ve always been a fan of this Chicago songwriter’s work, this one will also please you no doubt. From start to finish, it’s his signature style and best of all, it’s all free. Grab the download. This one is as awesome as his previous works.

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