Clownage is a four piece high energy indie rock band from Paris, France. Their sound touches on Muse’s arena rock formula but creates it’s own identity with their incorporation of the melody into every song. Lead singer/guitarist Jérôme Litré-Froment has a strong voice that has a good amount of range and an impassioned delivery in both French and English lyrics. Guitarist Louis Teran, bassist Olivier Crescence, and drummer Jérôme Ceva all make a concerted attempt to change up the sounds and timing that make for an album of memorable and hummable songs.

Premiers Maux features an accomplished studio production that enhances what Clownage does instead of take away from it. The clean mix helps the guitars and vocals stand out. The album opener “Clones” utilizes a soaring guitar riff underneath the mix that propels the song. There’s a nice break down that then builds to a crescendo with vocals and guitars competing with one another. “Change” is a ballad in the middle of the album that balances the high energy of the previous songs. Jérôme’s vocals shine on this track as well as having a female vocals on the track to soften it a bit more. The title track album really kicks into gear 5 minutes in and the guitars burning white hot for the last minute and change of the song. A fitting end for this album. Clownage is working on a new EP so keep an eye out on their Facebook for the info on it.

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