Word of caution to potential players, this game might be just a tad too violent. Barrage is a free Mac game that is made in the Command and Conquer vein. It features a fast-paced, shoot-as-many-enemies-as-possible gameplay, leaving players with little to no room to dilly dally about.

If you feel that you need to release some stress without really hurting anyone, then this is a good game to play. Barrage is actually a point and click shooting game that encourages you to shoot down as many enemies as possible in just 3 minutes. Your weapon of choice is a gun that can fire off small or large grenades simply by pointing and clicking your mouse. With this nifty weapon, you can effectively take out soldiers, jeeps as well as enemy tanks. It is important that you know when to exactly hit your target since they are pretty reactive and it takes about half a second for you to reload. This gives them enough time to take a swing at you while you wait for more ammo.

The graphics do remind you a bit of Command & Conquer but the sound is pretty good and the gameplay isn’t half bad either. It’s definitely worth wasting a couple of hours on.

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