If you’re old enough to remember those Atari games, then you might remember how it started flickering every time too many objects were visible on the screen at once. Flicker plays on this interesting little quirk.

In the game, you are a religious fanatic that’s bent in destroying the entire human race. So, you travel back in time in order to carry out this deed.

The game certainly takes advantage of this little screen flickering glitch and puts it to great use. It provides a whole new level of challenge while playing the game.

The game mechanics are simple. You travel back in time to wipe out the human race but it’s not that easy. Once you start firing at the sun, it doesn’t take it lying down; it actually starts hurling fireballs at you. Now, just when you think all is good, everything starts to flicker. You have to keep firing to take down at the enemy but you also have to remember where you are.

You see, all that flickering is confusing. Pretty soon, you will be firing and dodging potential enemies at the dark so you will rely on your memory on where exactly you are or which one you are.

The game is pretty entertaining in an odd way. Who would’ve thought that an inherent glitch in an Atari could spawn such an interesting game?

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