Escape from Nom is a cheeky pinball type game from Glu. Initially sold, the game is now available as a free download from the App Store and it is among a long list of games released by Glu.

Escape from NOM features colorful graphics and a fun gameplay that you can easily enjoy on your break time. There are about 30 levels to the game; providing you with enough entertainment as you please. Give the game a try.

In the game, you have to help , Alan, a colorful thing, by guiding him through a series of obstacles so he can reach the colorful goop at the bottom. However, there are two main things to remember. First, it’s important that Alan should be in the same color as the goop down at the bottom and second, he has to avoid these blob like creatures called NOMs.

The first six levels of the game provide helpful tutorials for the player. These tutorials contain information on what each item available is for and how it is used in the game. Although the basic premise of getting Alan into the goop is a standard, there are different requirements stipulated in each stage. You have to follow this if you ultimately want to finish the level.

Overall, the game is quite entertaining and funny. It’s perfect if you are looking for something to blow off your time or you simply need something to fiddle with on your breaks.

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