free mac game

Shotgun FunFun

With doomsday theorists saying we might have a potential zombie attack to fight off during the end of days, it's always best to stay prepared. Shotgun FunFun can help you out with that. This cool game puts you in a scenario where you're trapped in an industrial looking place with 100,000 zombies ready to eat your brains. Oh, and you have unlimited shotgun shells at your disposal so you can blast your way through hordes of the undead. Originally available for download on the PC, the game is now offered absolutely free from the Mac App Store. Now you can tune in and blast your way through a zombie feast. Give the game a download and see how far you can keep Buck Morris alive.

Doodle Hangman

Hangman is already an addictive enough game on its own, but with this highly stylized, animated version; you'll definitely want to keep playing over and over again. Released by EnsenaSoft, Doodle Hangman is an amazing new game worth trying. The game offers tons of features including a two player option. You can easily play with your mate and provide your own words while playing. The animation is excellent and definitely adds to the fun of playing this cool word puzzle. Give the game a download. It's perfect for the iPad, iPhone as well as iTouch.


Word of caution to potential players, this game might be just a tad too violent. Barrage is a free Mac game that is made in the Command and Conquer vein. It features a fast-paced, shoot-as-many-enemies-as-possible gameplay, leaving players with little to no room to dilly dally about. If you feel that you need to release some stress without really hurting anyone, then this is a good game to play.