If you found out that taking simple brain teasers everyday could actually help improve your memory and intelligence, would you actually do it? If you said, yes, then you might want to check Brain Workshop.

Brain Workshop is actually based on a memory game called Dual n Back which was proven to improve the short term memory and intelligence of individuals who played it. So, if engaging in mental gymnastics is your kind of fun, then try this game out.

Okay, now before I get comments about the effectiveness of this game in improving your memory and intelligence, the thing is that there are conflicting studies about whether brain exercises like these actually generate memory improvement or not. Whatever the case may be, there are still a lot of people who love to play IQ games like Brain Workshop.

Brain Workshop is actually a series of tests that help to exercise focus or concentration levels especially when performing two tasks at once. It was developed by Paul Hoskinson and carries an open license. The game is designed to help you react accordingly to a specific sound or placement of a square in a box. Essentially, you press a particular letter if you hear a sound and you press another letter if the square appears on the same area of the screen twice. It’s especially made for both children and adults, since the game is quite simple. Best of all, you can track how you are doing in the progress option.

Regardless of whether you actually increase your brain power just by playing this game or no, the game is fun to play. It’s a bit challenging at first but there are helpful tutorials to help guide you as you start off.

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