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Cyber is one simple yet very entertaining game. It's created and produced by Italian game developer, Andrea Pignataro. In the game, you are tasked to play former police officer, Jason Currial, who gets dragged into a whole web of mystery and adventure after his best friend disappears. Even though the game isn't spectacular, it still manages to win you over. It's quite apparent how much love, pain and effort went into the game so it's difficult to simply dismiss it once you have started playing. If you are looking for a good, average detective game to pass off time, then this is the perfect one for you. It might not break barriers but it certainly has its good points.

Probability 0

Probability 0 will definitely have you at your wits end. The game is a downward platform game that surprisingly has very little to do with probability but offers tons of options for you to experiment and explore. Levels of the game are randomly generated so you never get the same thing twice. Well, at least not all the time. The game was created by Droqen, a TIGForums member. The idea behind the game is that instead of a health bar, your status is represented by a number. You start off in the double digits and as you descend and fight off baddies; the number decreases. It goes down considerably if you take a hit. It's your job to stay alive, fight off the enemies and keep the number from hitting a zero. This simply means that your probability of staying alive is zilch. Give it a try, it's definitely worth your while.


If you think that a game with a bunch of colorful lines doesn't deserve to be called a "game" at all, then Cygnus just might change all that. Now, in a world where competing for realism is what sells most video games, Cygnus attempts to stand apart. This deceptively simple game will actually give you quite a good challenge. In the game, you are left to maneuver a ship that has no means of offense. You are basically in pursuit of what I presume to be another ship that's colored in red. You cannot fight or shoot down anything since you don't have any weapons. The one thing that you can do, though is simply maneuver, rotate or thrust your way down the goal. Think you can breeze through this game? Give it a go.


Fancy a game of solitaire and mahjong rolled into one? LexJongg combines the gameplay of solitaire with that of classic mahjong pieces. The game is pretty simple and just the perfect diversion from a hectic work pace. LexJongg, according to its creator, was created in about 9 hours or so. Pretty impressive feat if you ask me. It's a decent game with simple and basic graphics. Nothing too fancy, and just right for a quick play.

Gravity Bone

Gravity Bone is a short game that features a tale of espionage, fun and gorgeous graphics and gameplay that clocks in at, more or less, 20 minutes. However, despite this short game time, the game provides great depth in characters and actually works great in sucking you into its own world. Follow and complete all the mission objectives as a secret agent and complete all stages of the game, yes, all two levels of it.

The Ur Quan Masters

If you have played Star Control 2 before and loved it too much, then you'll probably love Ur Quan Masters as well. The game is an open source clone for Star Control 2 which was a 2D style RPG with arcade style combat. Ur Quan Masters is not much different, except that it is equipped with an open source code and more updated graphics and gameplay. However, the spark of StarCon 2 is still there and playing it is definitely worth your time.

Probe L

Combine cool neon-against-black graphics, awesome techno score and a one-of-a-kind gameplay and you have Probe L. This awesome arcade puzzle game sees you moving your "probe" into the yellow energy fields. You can't make the probe move directly though, you have to use the red beacons scattered across the field to move it. This game combines a fun gameplay, your wits and a pretty funky soundtrack to complete your perfect afternoon break.

Brain Workshop

If you found out that taking simple brain teasers everyday could actually help improve your memory and intelligence, would you actually do it? If you said, yes, then you might want to check Brain Workshop. Brain Workshop is actually based on a memory game called Dual n Back which was proven to improve the short term memory and intelligence of individuals who played it. So, if engaging in mental gymnastics is your kind of fun, then try this game out.

Umbrella Adventures: The Castle of Cake

If you are the type of gamer that thinks that game art is equally important as the game itself, then you would definitely enjoy Umbrella Adventures. The graphics is "100% handrawn" in a stylized black and white form. In the game, you travel all across the forest in search of the mystery behind the theft of more than 100 cakes. It's a game that provides not only a solid gameplay, but rich graphics and a cool soundtrack.