Like most puzzle games, Propel contains almost the same basic mechanics. You find the exit, which is often cleverly hidden, so you can clear a particular level. However, despite the basic gameplay and  mechanics, Propel manages to stand out thanks to the way it carefully combines platform gaming and solving puzzles.

The game not only allows you to solve puzzles but it also makes sure that you practice and hone your motor-skills with its platformer type of gameplay.

Propel was developed by Abscure Games and was actually a remake of an old game they had called “The Fall Game.”

The developer’s website explains the gameplay as you trying to “get from point A to point B, while avoiding point C and trying to get to point D.” Doing this can be a bit tricky since your main method of transport would be bright colored arrows and platforms.

You can control the ball by pressing the arrow keys just like in most platform games. There won’t be any jump option so your best bet is to simply roll off the platform and fall. Everytime you fall, you need to take note of two things. First, avoid all the things that will kill you and second, make sure to land on another platform or those bright arrows.

However, it can’t be this simple, can it? ¬†To make it interesting, the arrows aren’t your typical ones. Most of them have a unique “personality” like the capability of changing the orientation of gravity for instance. Pretty soon, you won’t know which way is which and end up killing yourself or slamming into any one of the other obstacles.

You’ll find yourself falling into platforms and arrows along with neon colored graphics and upbeat techno music done by Martyn Corbet. It’s a challenging game, to say the least. Add to the fact that you cannot save your game, only makes it even more frustrating in some cases. Nevertheless, it is pretty addictive and fun. Go take the little neon ball for a stroll and see whether this game is for you.

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